User Guide

Black Watch e-Chanter


  • Real chanter sound quality
  • Up to 80 hours battery life
  • Volume control
  • microUSB charging
  • Full sized pipe chanter finger spacing
  • Full range of notes, including C natural and F natural



To turn on the electronic chanter, insert a pair of stereo headphones into the jack.  These must be stereo headphones (also known as TRS headphones) - TRRS headphones will not work

The notes on the chanter are played by simply touching the metal contacts.

To begin, play an E note.


This will start the chanter playing. The sound will stop once none of the notes are being played.



To turn off, remove the headphones.

Leaving the headphones plugged in for long periods when not in use will drain the battery and may cause damage to the chanter.


Volume control

Volume is controlled by playing a specific note - one for increasing volume, and one for decreasing volume. These are listed in the table below.

When first turned on, the chanter volume will be set to maximum.



To charge, remove the headphones, and insert a microUSB cable into the chanter.  This may be powered using a wall charger or a USB port. The light on top of the chanter will flash when charging, and will be constantly on when charged. The chanter should be fully charged in approximately 6 hours. 

Do not attempt to play the chanter, or insert earphones, when it is charging. 

Do not leave the chanter unattended when charging. 

The chanter may warm slightly when charging, but it should not become hot. In hot environments, the electronic chanter will charge more slowly, or not at all. Charging the chanter at room temperature is recommended. 



Issue:  The chanter makes a beeping noise on startup, before playing as normal

Solution:  Battery is low - you must charge the chanter.  If the battery is very low, the chanter will beep and then shut down.


Issue:  The chanter will not turn on

Solution 1:  Check that the correct type of headphones have been inserted, and E note is played to start the sound. The chanter will only play using a pair of stereo headphones.  These are 3.5mm size, and often denoted as TRS.  Examples include: Sennheiser MX375, Veho 360 Stereo Noise Isolating Earphones, Shure SE215.

Solution 2:  Battery is low - you must charge the chanter.


Issue:  Chanter does not play the correct notes / notes do not respond to all fingering

Solution 1:  Moisten fingers with hand moisturiser.  Dry fingers may lead to fingering not being detected.

Solution 2:  It is possible that one or more of the screws / pickups have become loose in transit. Lightly tighten all the screws / pickups with a small screwdriver.


Additional warnings

  • Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C as this may damage the chanter. The chanter will play in temperatures as low as -20°C.
  • Do not submerge the chanter in water.
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the chanter. There are no user serviceable parts.