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electronic chanters

Our e-chanters allow you to practice anytime, anywhere.

"Absolutely love it. Have been playing for a couple of years now and struggle to practice when working away from home, but often have time on trains - this is perfect. Love that it is rechargeable. Can't accidentally switch it on. Can hear cross-notes. Recommend without hesitation."

Ms Twigg, Hampshire

"Thank you GlenCoe Bagpipes; your affordable e-chanter allowed us to resume lessons in The High School of Glasgow."

Mr G. Lawrie, Dunbartonshire

"I’m 73 and when I 'ran out of breath' I sold my pipes and accepted that was the end. Your machine has made everything possible again. Thank you."

Robbie Kerr, Highlands

“I love this instrument!  I have never practiced so much and my playing has improved vastly as a result. Thanks again!”

Mr G. Monahan, Missouri, USA

"My son spends hours on it and has improved so much. Having the earphones as well as the speaker has been great as he likes to play to us once he's practiced. The delivery was fast and I really would recommend them to anyone."

Lisa R.

About us

Electronic innovation from Scotland

GlenCoe Bagpipes electronic chanters are designed by bagpipers, for bagpipers. We set out to design the best electronic chanter, in terms of functionality, simplicity and ease of use.

By designing in-house and partnering directly with suppliers, we are able to provide a market-leading, elegant and durable product at a compelling price.

The technology behind the GlenCoe electronic chanter is innovative and exciting.

Our chanters are designed and assembled in Scotland.


E-Chanter demonstration by Munro Bagpiper